Hi, I am 51 yrs old and this will be my second wedding. The first, 30 yrs ago was very traditional. We are having a very private sunset wedding on Maui, just the two of us. I have selected a very sleek black floor length dress. I am getting a lot of flack from friends. Do you feel this color is unacceptable? Please help.


You know you can really where whatever color you would like. I think for many people black would be the very last color they would wear as a bride. Like I said it's your choice, but black does seem a bit morbid for a bride.
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I was married in July of 2004. Unfortunately, the marriage ended in December of 2010. I would like to sell my wedding dress (excellent condition), but my dress is not "old enough" to be considered vintage & not "new enough" to be sold at consignment. I am just wanted to sell the dress without the rigamarole of trying to sell it myself. Can you help? Are there places in MN that will buy my dress?
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My 57 year old sister is getting married outdoors this summer. Do you have some bridal dress attire suggestions? She is small in size and likes to dress current.
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How early is to early to start shopping for a dress?
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I am going to an orthodox wedding in Penn. on March 3rd. Is it ok to wear a sleeveless dress and do I wear stockings, shoes or sandals?
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We are looking for a long A-line low back slip to go under the wedding dress . Beautiful dress found at consignment shop - needs undergarment.
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I bought a dress in May 2011, my wedding is in July 2012, and I feel like the dress I bought is too heavy for a July wedding. I would like to sell it and find another one, but I know that's daunting task. Is there any consignment shops that will allow trades for a different gown?
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I am a widow, 62 years old planning to get married in April 2012 with a widower of my age. It's going to be a small wedding for our children and grandchildren only. Wedding mass at church at 10 am followed by lunch at a nice restaurant. I do not know what to wear for a big day. Please advise me if I should wear a gown or a dress and what color is appropriate.
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I'm getting married in oct in michigan in a casual outdoor wedding . it's my second marriage but my boyfriend's first . we are both in our mid 50,s . What sould we wear . I can't decide go for a ivory dress or do something a little funky. Help
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I don't know what to do. We are both getting married for the second time in July and I am 52 and he is 53. I have a dress that is nice but I don't love it. My daughter helped pick it out - and I did like it at the time but I didn't love it. I finally came clean that I don't love it and I truly wanted something a little sexier and that I feel more sensual in -- nothing over the top of course but I don't want to look matronily and like a mom. I was told that I'm old and a mom - and anything else would be an embarrassment and I shouldn't wear something a 20 year old would wear (they are 26 and 22). Now I'm not heavy - and I still have pretty good looks. But I want to look fabulous for him. My friend tells me to get what my heart desires but I don't want to upset my daughters. (I was looking at Ella dress 5500 - which I thought was simple, flowy (if that's a word) - and perfect for a boat. I truly don't know what to do as dumb as it may sound.
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i want Randy from Klienfelds to pick my gown! unfortunately i cannot afford to fly to New York. Can you offer suggestions for a bridal salon in MN that will provide HONEST fitting and help with a gown choice. i want to be the best looking I can be and i am not sure what style that is.....
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I am 43 and being married for the second time in an evening wedding around Thankgiving. It will be small but formal with our kids in tuxes and bridesmaids dresses. My question is about what I should wear. I am plus size, do NOT want to look like a mother of the bride. Want to look elegant but not over the top since I am a simple dresser normally. What color? What material? What fit? Long, tea length, short?
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The groom and I are 46, about to get married for the 2nd time each. We both eloped the first time so we both want a more traditional ceremony. We were going to get married in the summer, but now his mother has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, so we want to move the wedding up to Christmas time or New Years. We may be able to get married at his parents beautiful Presbeterian Church, hopefully the chapel, or my parents home. We don't have much of a budget for a wedding so short notice. I want simple elegance. So if we get married in the church, what should I look for in my gown? Long or shorter, and what color? Also, please give me details about decorations to keep the cost down without it looking cheap. Thank you!
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hello i have a brandnew wedding gown i dont want anymore. i have tried to sell it with now luck. do u know of anywhere i can donate it for someone who really needs it?
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I'm having trouble finding the "perfect" bridal gown. I am looking for something simple yet floor length and want to spend under $100. I have looked on-line and at David's Bridal. I have no idea where else to look. I am 30 years old and wear a size 18 at David's bridal. I am thinking of purchasing a white bridesmaid dress but I don't know where to find one. Do you know of any bridal shops that allow you to purchase white bridesmaid dresses as wedding gowns? My wedding is being planned for Sept 25, 2010.
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This is our second wedding, with no attendants, outdoors. My groom is wearing khaki linen pants and white linen shirt. I am a very self conscious size 14. Any suggestions for the bride? I would prefer long and simple. But am stuck on style and fabric due to my size.
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I am getting married July 2010, casual lake setting. Putting the guys in linen, one problem....Don't know what to put myself in???? It's on the lake at 7:00pm and I am not a real girly girl, but can't seem to find anything! Any suggestions?
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Help! My wedding is August 28 and I still can't find the "perfect" dress! I have tried on so many styles, both that I picked out as well as some I wouldn't have tried in a million years and I have never gotten that "this is the dress!" feeling that all my friends say they got! I finally bought a "$100-off the rack" gown and it will work, but I'm really scared that my wedding day will come and I'll wish I would have found something better??? Is this normal? Or should I keep trying to find "the one?" I'm so excited to marry my fiance, and I want my dat to be perfect! Thanks for any advice!
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I'm a 35 year old single Mom who is marrying a divorced man with 2 children. It's my first wedding and found a gorgeous wedding dress at a consignment shop but its light gold. I've always thought I should be in white or ivory. AmI over thinking this?
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i am a matron of honor for my cousin and she is getting married in a cathlic church and she is wearing a light blue brides maid dress with a lace coat over it do you think i sould tell her its not appropriate to wear to a cathilc wedding
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I'm getting married in Maui, Feb. 2011. I have found a gorgeous dress, but it's in Australia! It's part of the Lanyana Bridal Collection and is called "Lishona". It's a low back satin dress with a little beading across the back. Any ideas where I could find something similar here in MN? Or the US for that matter?
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Who pays for the wedding dress?.
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My daughter is getting married this January in Cozumel. The bridesmaids are wearing fuschia pink dresses 2 styles both with royal blue sashes and shoes. The groom and groomsmen are wearing royal shirts off white suits and a multi tie with the same colors. My dress is royal blue chiffon. My question to you is what color shoes should I wear? Thank You mob
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I'm 52 yrs old, fair skinned with freckles and strawberry blonde hair. I am getting married in a civil ceremony at city hall on April 2 in Minnesota. This is my third marriage, the grooms first. My daughter and her husband are standing up for us. I don't even know where to start looking for the "right" dress. Any suggestion on cut, color, etc.?
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I attended the Engagement Party this past weekend and am curious who the designers are of the 3 featured dresses? They were all great dresses!
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I am getting married at a golf course in June, 2010.Weather permiting, the ceremony will be held on the lawn. The dresses that I love both have very long trains. Is this appropriate for an outside wedding? Also, I am, petite, 5'1", and Asian. I plan on wearing 1" heels. I'm trying to decide between 2 dresses, one is an A-line, the other has a dropped waist. Which dress would make me look short? Can you also suggest a good color for me? I'm afraid that white would make my dark skin stand out, but ivory might make my dress seem "dirty". Thanks.
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My daughter had her fitting yesterday & she made more suggestions ,today says she hates the dress & will not wear it!!
seamstress has spent hours on it....10 days till the wedding!
help, I'm going to be sick
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My sister has an Ivory dress and wants to wear navy heels because the color of the wedding is navy and all the bridesmaids will be in navy. I have never seen a bride wear dark heels before. What do you think?
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Hi there well I'm getting married in a couple of weeks at the courthouse and I really don't know what to wear. I do want to wear a dress but i don't know what kind of sundress and nothing to fancy. HELP PLEASE
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I'm not a dress girl and I'm having a very private wedding and we're going straight from the private wedding to a huge reception. I would like to know where I can find some heavy satin off white capris and a strapless top that looks that of the top of a wedding dress. I know I'm probably explaining this terribly. Please help!
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We are getting married in Nashville, TN in August 2009. Needless to say it will be hot!! We are having a semi-traditional wedding ceremony in the chapel followed by a picnic reception. I have no idea what the groom and I should wear at picnic reception. We want to wear picnic attire but also want to stand out from our guests. Help!!
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My best friend wants to wear bright blue, sort of royal colored shoes with her white wedding gown???? She is thinking something blue. Her bridesmaids are wearing black and her flowers are dark pink. Is this horrible??
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Hi ! My daughter and attended the 3/15/2009 Wedding Fair it was great! During the actual showing of dresses, there was one wedding dress that I would like more info on. It was at the very beginning (I know the dresses had #s, but I dont know what it was !) and it was one of Angeliques dresses, I believe. Anyway, this gown had straps (overall not to many gowns had shoulder straps , so this should make it easier to narrow down) and the straps were wider but somewhat bunched together! So how would I find out more info regarding this dress? Thanks for your help!
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My daughter has a wedding gown that I purchased for another wedding that never happened. Now she is getting married to another guy and can not fit in the dress nor does she want to wear the dress. Is there a safe way to sell it that I won't get spam from buyers wanting to give me a cashiers check or money order that is invalid? This dress is valued at $1,500.00 size 8, ivory, comes with a matching shawl and purse.
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Hi, I would like some idea on what to wear for a wedding gown/ dress. I am 44, this is my second wedding it will be backyeard and a little casual. Even though I was married for 17 years I did not wear a formal dress so I would like something nice but appropiate.
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I am getting married for the 3rd time we are having the wedding at our home in the garden. I have found a beautiful lght bronze gown and my matron of honor found a beautiful yellow dress.Do you think this would be all right for an evening wedding? If not any suggestions
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I am 5'4, and just bought a wedding dress that came in 3 different lengths. 61",58", and 55".
I ordered the 58"(a 3" difference) hopefully I will same some money on alterations. Was this a good idea? I am afraid my shoes may show and I was trying to avoid that.

Thanks for your help,
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My Grandma, Mom, 2 Aunts and Fiance's Mom are flying in for mothers day weekend. Therefore, I will have potentially up to 8 women who would want to go with me for my wedding dress appointment. I want it to be in a nice environment where everyone can be seated. Since a lot of salons have guest limites, can you suggest a good salons around the twin cities to make an appointment at?
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I have never been married before, but I have a child from a failed relationship. Now, I'm getting married, is it ok to wear a white wedding dress? Or is it unethical?
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My 46 year old sister is getting married for the first (and let's hope only!) time in late July. She's a large-busted woman who is worried about the shape of dress that would look good on her figure. I am no help - I think she looks beautiful in everything. What is your best advice for her?

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I am getting Married in Jamaica in Feb 09. My dress is very tradtional yet dressy. My brother and his family are having a "coming home party for us a week later and we are not in agreement if I should wear my dress to that party or not. What is proper?? They think I will feel silly if the guests are dressed down (it is casual/dressy but not black tie). I am into I guess the Old School etiquette but everybody tells me its ok.. I am 45 but I want to wear it. thanks guys
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I fall inlove with the pink grecian-inspired satin dress in BR.I'm thinking of wearing it for my city hall wedding in march.Do you think it's appropriate?Thank you in advance.
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i am getting married in march do you think a rasberry colour dress will be ok and if so what colour shoes
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I'm 31 yrs old, 7 months pregnant, this is my 2nd marriage. We are 'eloping' at the courthouse in December, no guests. Would it be appropriate to wear a long ankle length all black dress?
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Is there anywhere in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area that accepts wedding gowns for donation? Mine is in excellent condition and very classic...I'd love to give it to a good cause to help some other woman who may want to wear it...any ideas?
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Hi Gentlemen,
I was wondering if you could let me know if it would be appropriate for my daughter to wear her wedding dress and also the matron of honor to wear her dress to a formal post wedding reception. No other attendants except the flower girl.
The wedding was for immediate family only and the rest of the family and friends would like to see her in her dress.
The reception is Nov 1st, so I would appreciate a quick reply.
Thank you,
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I am the sister of the bride and the bride would like a wedding dress in white with red roses embroidered on. she has seen such a dress years ago but cannot find one now do you have any suggestions?
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Next year my husband and I plan on renewing our vows after 15 years of marriage. We got married at the courthouse at the time we couldn't afford an expensive wedding. Is it ok to have a formal gown tux wedding after 15 years? We also have three wonderful children together, I want to include them in the wedding any suggestions on what I could have them do?
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I was thinking I may need a mermaid crinoline under David Bridal's Style: T8722 (ivory) ---- What do you think? I was also thinking about adding a little surprise panache to the crinoline with some color: either a subtle light green or a bold black (the wedding colors). Thanks for your help!
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I was thinking I may need a mermaid crinoline under David Bridal's Style: T8722 (ivory) ---- What do you think? I was also thinking about adding a little surprise panache to the crinoline with some color: either a subtle light green or a bold black (the wedding colors). Thanks for your help!
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Is it considered acceptable for the bride to wear a sleeveless gown at a winter wedding?
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My husband and I eloped in April 2008, we shared our plans with our parents about eloping upstate in a intimate ceremony. They were not happy, but we invited them to be there. The long drive kept them from attending. I sent out announcement of our elopement to family and friends, they wanted us to have a big wedding. Now we are planning a reception to celebrate our marriage in September 2008. I am sending out formal invitations to the reception. Can I wear my bridal gown? Is it okay to change in the middle of the reception into a gown dress to party? Is it okay to register? Please send me the do's and don't.

Thank you,
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I'm 43 years of age & I'm planing on getting married to my significant other in Las Vegas at a small chapel in August. It's going to be quick and casual with just the 2 of us and our 4 children. This is a second marriage for both of us. I'm thinking of wearing a knee length summer dress with a pastel color prints on it and carry a small bouquet. Do you think that's ok or should I go for a solid color dress. There will be a professional photographer there to take pictures so I'm not sure what every body should wear that are casual but also would look good for the pictures.
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Help I have wedding on august 1st at 6:30 at a club house a second marriage i am wearing a light pink cocktail dress floral color shoes the purse is a periwinkle color the shoes have pink light green and some light blue What do you think about it and also would i have to wear stockings since i have a tan i dont think the stockings will match my tan help me
7/28/2008 - Bridal Gown View the Answer
I am MOG. The weding is mid August (I don't have much time left to choose!) in a NW coastal city. It is outoors in a rose garden at noon, reception not until 6:00 pm. The bride is Japanese, and her family is coming from Japan. The MOB has chosen a traditional full length kimono, in cream with a mauve sash. She is petite, and so am I (5'1"). Shoul I also wear a full length dress, or would mid calf to ankle length be appropriate? Colour suggestions? Your help would be very appreciated as I am starting to panic.
Thanks very much!
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im planing on getting married to my significant other , after many years of living together and 2 children what color dress do you recomend?
I'm 43 years of age
7/18/2008 - Bridal Gown View the Answer
I have two questions. 1. What shoes should I wear under my wedding gown? Can they be elaborate? 2. Is it ok to change for the reception? I want a simpler dress so that I can be comfortable. Maybe something cute to go with the elaborate shoes?
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My husband and I got married at a courthouse in May. My mother-in-law and the rest of his family are planning a small wedding reception in early September...however, she seems to think I should wear some type of "prom dress"....but I feel more comfortable wearing a pink dress/ off the shoulder top (it's one of those 6 in 1 top/dresses from Victoria's secret), w/ a Linen skirt (white w/ a long slit on the side and ruffle bottom). My husband thinks it would be okay, being that he is planning to wear a 2 piece suit.....but neither one of us are very good at that sort of thing. I am not a huge fan of dresses...I am very moddest and although I would like to be dressy, I like to cover up. Would it be appropriate to wear the blouse and skirt I mentioned? Or do you have any other suggestions? Thanks!
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My daughter believes since the groom's parents (they are wealthy) are paying for most of the wedding, that the mother of the groom should be included in going with my daughter and me (mother of the bride) to pick out her wedding dress (I will be paying for her dress) I told my daughter that it is a private moment between a mother and a daughter. She disagrees! Help!
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I am getting married for the first time at 44 years old and it is my fiance's second marriage. I thought I would go with a simple ivory slip dress; however, my mom and I went out today and I fell in love with a more traditional ivory, strapless gown with a train. My mom loved it too. Would it be appropriate for me to wear that?
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My girlfriend and I have set a date for Sept. 20, 2008. The colors are Lilac and Winter White. I want to wear a Halter wedding dress because it is going to be outside. She wants the material to be Linen. Is there anywhere we can find Linen type dresses and capri/pants suits?

PS. We are lesbians.
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I am a 44 year old lady with 2 grown up chidren me and my partner have decide to get married in Jan 2010, what colour and style to you recomend that I should wear. I want to look special like every bride but don't want it to be over the top, I was thinking of maybe a bronze and I like black for bridesmaid dresses. Please give me some advise to make me look like special and have a great day.
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I'm the groom and my mother wants to help my fiancee pick out her dress. She said it was inappropriate and wrong as well as saying the she has no clue about it. I thought this was a little mean because my mother never had a daughter and she wants to be a part of this. Is it wrong for her to be there. Also want to mention that my parents are paying for half of the entire wedding.
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Im not sure what color of wedding dress I should wear white or ivory? I have dark brown hair dark brown eyes & light to medium skin. I need help Thanks
12/7/2007 - Bridal Gown View the Answer
We were married in the US in a small civil ceremony six months before my mother is having a reception for us in our home country. I do not plan on wearing my wedding dress to the reception. Could you suggest an appropriate type/color dress for a evening formal reception.

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I have found a beautiful grecian style wedding dress. y only concern is that the material, being a white jersey material is too casual for our wedding. It's a summer weather but the venue is quite formal...
11/1/2007 - Bridal Gown View the Answer
We are short on time and short on funds! My daughter's wedding is just 10 days away. Since I am an experienced seamstress, I took on the task of applying a bustle to her wedding dress. The problem is, I thought I could do it, but as I play with it, I find that I do not know how. Could I learn Bustle 101 from you?
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Ever hear of a collection called "Why Not"? I can't remember the designer. I'm specifically looking for a bridal "jumpsuit" and the "Why Not" collection had a couple of absolutely stunning ones.
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I'm getting married in Auust of this year- 2007, and have paid a woman to make a copy of a designer gown. However, today I went for my first fitting only to find that I was completely dissatified with her work. It appears that all she has left to do is hem the sleeves and the bottom of the dress, put in the zipper, and to finish applying satin banding around the bodice of the dress. Is it too late to ask for a refund? Or can I offer to pay her for the material only, then ask that the difference be refunded so I can find another dress?

I know you're probably thinking I should have seen samples of her work, and I did. They looked beautiful. In fact, as I was leaving today, another woman came in wearing a beautiful dress this woman had made. I, however, was so upset with the quality of her work on my dress that I wanted to cry. What can I do?

Thanks for your help.

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I am being married at home on July 7th at 7:00 a.m. I am a single parent of one grown child with grandchildren. NEVER been married. Is it okay to wear white?
(older than 40 less than 50)
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I'm having trouble figuring out the designer of this dress....
Can you help me please :)
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I am getting married next April. Since it is a second marriage for both of us I do not want to wear the traditional bridal gown but something elegant. Our ceremony and reception is being held at a premiere catering facility that is very grand. I have been searching on-line for ideas but could only find the traditional Cinderella type dresses. Do you have any suggestions on where to look on-line?
5/22/2007 - Bridal Gown View the Answer
I want an outside wedding in september, and I have found very pretty gowns but nothing I can wear to cover my arms ( I need to hide tattoos) What can I do or wear?
2/8/2007 - Bridal Gown View the Answer
my fiancee seems to think he should get to help pick out my dress. i think he is wrong and he shouldn't know anything about what it looks like until i walk down the isle. who is right?
12/16/2006 - Bridal Gown View the Answer
I am wearing a garden-length wedding gown for my morning wedding in June 2007. I am 6 feet tall and don't want to wear super-high heels, but I also don't want to wear flats, since my shoes will be visible. Any suggestions for fancy footwear?
12/5/2006 - Bridal Gown View the Answer
I am renewing my wedding vows of 25 years of marrage which would be next Nov. What is the protocal for the color of the dress and the length
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I got engaged last November and have been planning my May 07 wedding since. A friend of mine has been engaged for over 2 years, so when she heard that I set a date, all of a sudden she announced her date of April 07. I thought that it was kind of awkward that she chose to get married just a month before me, but I didn't make an issue out of it. It ended up working out because we became great wedding planning partners. My friend had the money to purchase her dress right away and she chose a beautiful style that just came out. Months past and it was time for me to go dress shopping, but I had no idea what style I wanted to go with. She was busy the night of my dress fitting so she couldn't make it but when she found out that I went with a similar style of dress as hers she was extremely disapointed. I tried on every style of dress, and the one that I chose was by far my favorite, but should have I of gone with a different style just because she purchased her dress first?
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i am getting married at the court house, its my second marriage, what should i wear?
11/27/2006 - Bridal Gown View the Answer
Getting married @ the Justice of the Peace... What is the appropriate attire?
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I am from South Carolina, and I am getting married next August. I bought a dress a few weeks back and am now having second thoughts. Heres the problem: I love the style of the dress, but its ivory organza with some gold beading (It the Eden 8044). It looks great on me and I love it, but I am having a hard time fighting the thought that traditionally ivory is for a second marriage. I can get it in white but the color looks better with my complexion. Is this infact starting to be the trend or should i steer back to the traditional white dress???
11/20/2006 - Bridal Gown View the Answer
I'm a single mom but never married. Can I wear the "white" dress and veil?
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I am a successful business woman who has aged with amazing grace to the age of 54. I am marrying a beautiful loving 29 year old man. We are getting married December 2nd in the ancestrial village of my family, Pertosa, Italy. When we were there last year my beloved asked my family's permission to marry me. This past spring on Mother's Day he took me up in a plane so I could see "MARRY ME XXXX" tilled into the earth below (I have pictures to prove it). I have been taking deep breaths as I have been writing to remind myself this really is my life! Anyway I need a dress. I'm thinking simple dress with jacket. My favorite colors are purple and green. I'm thinking plum for a winter wedding. We are going to be married in the village "city hall".
9/21/2006 - Bridal Gown View the Answer
is it okay to wear a short dress? I found one that is cream colored and kind of v'd at the bottom but flowy. I just need to know??
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Hi - I'm 47 , getting married for the first time. We are marrying on the beach in Key West in July (that's hot!!) I am rather well endowed or "lucky" as my friends say and that makes a summery dress difficult to find. It doesn't have to be white - a little color is a good thing. Any suggestions? Help me please!!!!
5/4/2006 - Bridal Gown View the Answer
Before I ever went gown shopping, I knew that my fiance hated strapless dresses, he says he doesn't find them attractive at all. I kept that in mind when I went shopping and tried on both gowns that I knew I would love, as well as gowns I knew *he* would love (spaghetti-strap, low-cut back). I found a dress that I love and bought it. Trouble fiance is going to hate it, it's strapless! Can you think of any way I can resign him to this and yet have him look forward to seeing me in the gown? I haven't told him anything about the gown -- he asked me point-blank if it was strapless and the expression on my face gave it away!
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Would it be appropriate to wear a cathedral length train in a medium sized church for a 3:00 wedding, or is that length too formal in this situation?
1/23/2006 - Bridal Gown View the Answer
Thsi will be a second marriage for both. We each have grown kids and i have been divorced for 20 years . Is it old for me to wear white and have a small wedding . He is a Doctor up in another state then where i live and i would like to marry up there since i might be living there. However, i would like a small wedding cause i feel like i am getting marreid for the very first time. We both are in out 50s. what is the proper thing to do .
1/3/2006 - Bridal Gown View the Answer
Our orginal plan was to go to Hawaii for the ceremony, then return home to MN for the reception. Due to changes in our financial situation, we are now having the ceremony the same days as the reception (July 29th, 2006), in a church. The dress I originally bought is a tea-length so it would not drag on the beach. I do not feel comfortable wearing it in the now formal ceremony. I would like to find a way to get at least some money for it in order to help pay for a dress I am happy with, but do not know how to do that. Please help! Thanks!
12/6/2005 - Bridal Gown View the Answer
Can you tell me what a bride would consider as challenging her on her day to mean?

I saw a post about this and was wondering.

11/15/2005 - Bridal Gown View the Answer
I heard there is a place to donate wedding dresses - do you have their contact information?
11/14/2005 - Bridal Gown View the Answer
My daughter like capri pants sets and would like to have a formal set for her wedding. Could you please let me know where I could find one if you can?
11/7/2005 - Bridal Gown View the Answer
I will be the bride in a morning courthouse civil ceremony in November, followed by a lunch. Only close family has been invited. I found a black, sleeveless, v-neck, silk chiffon dress that falls calf-length. Would black be inappropriate in this case? Other options are a teal v-neck jersey dress with a hint of velvet and a square neck eggplant satin dress. Both are sleeveless and mid-length. I have also heard of people wearing suits to courthouse ceremonies. What would be appropriate for a 25-yro petite bride in this case?
10/27/2005 - Bridal Gown View the Answer
I am an artist and I really want a unique artsy dress, the problem is that I am an artist and therefore I can't afford an artsy dress. Where can I find a unique, "artist type" dress that would fit a low budget?
10/24/2005 - Bridal Gown View the Answer
I am 40 years old, and about to be married. This is my second marriage. Am I allowed to wear white?
10/24/2005 - Bridal Gown View the Answer
I bought a wedding dress that I want to sell because i found one that I love even more. I tried e-bay and posting it on but no luck. It is brand new, silk, never worn but there are no tags on it. Any suggestions for selling it? I need the money to put towards the new one asap!
10/2/2005 - Bridal Gown View the Answer
I'm getting married in February on the beach in Florida. Where are the best places to shop for a very informal wedding dress in The Twin Cities.?
10/1/2005 - Bridal Gown View the Answer
A similar question was posed about an overweight bridesmaid...but my question is special. My Maid of Honor is 5'5 and is considered overweight...but here's the bad part. Her bustline is HUGE. Is there a specialty shop or something I can visit. A website? I don't want her to pay large sums of money just to get the top to fit. Help!!!!!!
9/28/2005 - Bridal Gown View the Answer
I will be marrying for the second time in October. I have found a stunning long black dress and am wondering if it is acceptable to be married in a black wedding dress. My two closest friends love the dress; whoever, my mother thinks black is only for funerals. This is not a "traditional wedding". Guest attire will be semi-casual and there are less than 50 guests with the wedding and reception being held at a country club. Please advise.
9/28/2005 - Bridal Gown View the Answer
I'm getting married on October 29th and I'm wearing an A-line Jim Hjelm dress. My dress is on the formal side, but it is an outdoor ceremony (weather permitting). I have everything except stockings! What color is most appropriate? Nude or white? I have olive, italian-looking skin... I'm not doing the garter toss, so I don't have to worry about it too much, but do brides always wear white stockings? Thanks!
9/21/2005 - Bridal Gown View the Answer
I having a Western Theme Wedding. I am having a hard time finding a dress to fit that theme. Do you know of any places or a style dress to go with? Thanks
9/18/2005 - Bridal Gown View the Answer
I am thirty-five,size 12-14, getting wed in Oz. Help, I cannot find something suitable to wear, I don't really want a floor length dress, dislike my upper arms, a straight skirt doesn't suit me and I loathe my chunky legs. I have dark hair and fair skin. Now when you've got up off the floor from laughing at the impossible task I may have set you, would you please offer some of your expertise my way so I may still feel like a graceful lady on my special day.
9/13/2005 - Bridal Gown View the Answer
Have liked multiple off-white dresses I have tried on--I am wondering if wearing an off-white dress really has the connotation of "impurity" or if it's just another choice in wedding dress color these days. Can't seem to find an obvious answer on-line.
9/5/2005 - Bridal Gown View the Answer
We are getting married at an elegant B&B in the mountains, 4 days before Christmas, in front of large decorative Christmas trees, and the smoky mountain view through the window of an antebellum home. Only 2 friends are attending, and we are not telling anyone until we return. I am begining to wish more people knew b/c I am fashion and wedding iliterate, as is the groom.
I am quite confused as to what is appropriate for us to wear. He wants to skip the suit and go with khakis or dark pants, which is fine, however- does he need a colored shirt or white, push for jacket and a tie or save my strength?
And the only requirement for mine- (this sounds cheezy) timeless and casual. I don't want our pictures to reflect a trendy look, although I understand nothing is ever truly timeless. I've considered a cream or white pant suit with feminine blazer, or a sweater suit of the same colors with wool pants. However I just don't know, and more than that, I just don't know how to find out.
Also, announcements- is it taky for us to send these out without holding a reception following the event? Everyone who knows us would understand, we both have very demanding jobs, and time off, even for weddings and celebration of such- and more so the planning of one, is just out of the question for now...for some time. Do we announce as husband and wife or do our parents announce, or can we just keep mum until we see everyone next Christmas and let them put the rings with the rumors and be done with it ?(getting frustrated sorry.) Please help us...I'm getting afraid those wedding memories are turning into something we'll keep under the coffee table- not on it.
8/17/2005 - Bridal Gown View the Answer
My daughter went to pick up her dress and the sales person had forgotten to order extra length; the dress is much too short. The wedding is Oct 1 and she is looking for an ivory/champagne dress that is not revealing. She is a size 18 or 20, where should we turn? The bridal shop thinks she should trim the dress with the bridesmaid material but thats a deep brown and will not look good. They did not want to return her money but offered another dress that is also too short. We would like to keep the cost under $1000. Help!
8/17/2005 - Bridal Gown View the Answer
I have found the perfect dress. My only problem now is choosing the color. I can not decide between the ivory w/antique or white. I have chosen the alfred angelo blue jay color for my bridesmaids dresses. How will the color of my dress effect the color scheme of my wedding? I'm worried that I may need to pick a new dress color for my maids. Everyone says that it will be fine if I choose the ivory dress but will the groom and groomsmen have to wear ivory colored shirts or can they still wear white? The white dress would make things so much simpler but the ivory w/antique is more stunning. What advice can you give me?
8/14/2005 - Bridal Gown View the Answer
I received a wedding dress from a friend of mine for free. It doesn't fit and she does not want it back. Any idea where I can sell it in the MN twin cities area?
8/11/2005 - Bridal Gown View the Answer
Hello! I am getting married in two years but am on a tight budget. Someone recommended that I ask about doing wedding dress modeling in exchange for credits towards a dress. Where can I get more information on doing this?
Thanks so much!
6/30/2005 - Bridal Gown View the Answer
whats appropriate for a bride 40's married for third time to wear. Fiance never married.
6/23/2005 - Bridal Gown View the Answer
Is it appropriate to wear a strapless wedding gown for an September outside wedding in Maine?
6/16/2005 - Bridal Gown View the Answer
I am getting married for the third time, however, this will be my second wedding. The dress from that wedding is BEAUTIFUL! Handmade especially for me...cost me a pretty penny, but its gorgeous.

I would like to wear it again and hopefully for the last time. Is it appropriate?

When I married in it the first time, only one member of my family attended the overseas ceremony, so it would be a first look for all.
5/19/2005 - Bridal Gown View the Answer
My fiancé is very involved and I would like his opinion of the dress. This is a 2nd marriage for both, and a casual garden wedding. Is it ever appropriate for the groom to see the wedding dress? What about a photo of the dress? How about the dress on a hanger? What started that tradition?
5/17/2005 - Bridal Gown View the Answer
I bought a beautiful gown by Mon Cheri last Spring. My husband and I (due to family conflict) decided to romantically elope rather than go through the wedding ordeal. The dress has never been removed from the bag it came in and is still at the bridal shop I ought it from. In otherwords, its pristine and perfect. I would like to sell the dress and am wondering what the best way to go about it is. I'd prefer not to use Ebay. I'm wondering if there are any bridal consignment shops in the Twin Cities area that would give me a decent price for it. Any suggestions?
1/6/2003 - Bridal Gown View the Answer
I found a dress in Canada by a designer "Angelique". I've been looking for it here as
well. I found one salon - Angelique's Bridal - that carries that designer but they do not
have the dress that I saw in Canada for trying on. Can you tell me if there is another
store that carries this designer in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area or if this designer has a website. Thanks Donna
4/11/2001 - Bridal Gown View the Answer

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